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Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is generally used to refer to second-generation web tools in which everybody creates content for the web. If Web 1.0 was a person writing a web page and posting it, Web 2.0 is millions of people sharing information or thoughts via blogs, or wikis, or shared bookmarks, rather than having to learn HTML code. Increasingly, web pages are becoming "dashboards" that aggregate all kinds of stuff from disparate sources out there on the web. (Combining data - such as Google Earth imagery with census data in order to see population distribution on current maps - is a very Web 2.0 thing to do.)

So anything that's web 2.0-ish is easy to use, omnipresent on the web, and allows a lot of sharing.


Using blogs in your class can be an excellent way to promote student interaction with the material you provide them with. A public blog can be shared with the world, while Blackboard offers blog capability for courses that you teach. Click here for Blackboard Blog documentation, to learn more about blogs inside your Blackboard course.


Collaborate on a web site!

del.icio.us or delicious.com

Travel with your web bookmarks!

Google Docs

Collaborate in private on a document, spreadsheet, or presentation!

There are other ways to collaborate! Check out the collaboration page.


What does "tagging" mean anyway? Where will I find it? What do I do with it?


Listen to audio files, watch videos and slide shows of all sorts of educational material. Create your own recordings and have your students do the same!

So You Want a Website

Click here to read more about the options available to you.


Communicate using 140 characters or less!


Collect, organize, and cite your research.

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