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Our Service Catalog lists all the services available for Hofstra faculty!


Our most common question: Blackboard Semester to Semester Housekeeping!

With Blackboard 2013 we upgraded the look and feel, and added Kaltura video tools - create videos or have your students create videos for learning purposes right inside Blackboard.

This is the TeachToolsWiki, online assistance for Hofstra's faculty for all things related to Instructional Technology. It's organized to efficiently get you to just what you want to learn about.

The site is continually growing. You can participate in that growth if you'd like; just drop us a line! Contact us at fcshelp@hofstra.eduor call us at 516-463-6894 for access to this wiki.


What's In It For My Students?
Why technology matters to teachers, and some rules of thumb to keep in mind as you develop exercises or evaluations that are enhanced by technology.

Faculty Innovators
Take a look at the creative ways Hofstra faculty are using technology to enhance learning.

Assessment Tools
Click here to see how the tools you have access to can begin informing the way you teach.

Audio & Video
Create and edit your own digital sights and sounds!

Blackboard 9
All things Blackboard will be found here for the beginner through advanced user.

Training Classes
Here's where you can check out the most requested training topics and how you can learn what you need to learn.

Classroom Technology
Click here to see the tools to which you have access.

Inside and outside the classroom!

Digital Literacy
Press Any Key? I don't see any "any" key!

Web 2.0
If you've already moved on to Web 3.0 let us know so we can come with you!

Distance Learning
Find out more about distance learning teaching options at Hofstra.

Faculty Support Center
The Center is a place where faculty can use advanced multimedia creation tools, get professional consulting from instructional technologists, get emergency help with classroom problems, and more.
Specialized Software
Explore software used in various departments.

See What FCS & SCS are working on: FCS-SCS Projects!

Consult the links with help at the bottom of this page or the MediaWiki User's Guide for this software for technical guidance on using the wiki software. In general, if you want to add your input, just create an account (see the Create Account link in the upper right hand corner?) and use it to start collaborating!

How to use this site

  • Use the search tool at the left to find information on a specific topic.
  • Browse the categories on this page to see what is available.
  • Check out Popular Pages to see what's hot.
  • Contribute based on your own experience

Wiki Resources: Instructions for users

These are resources to help you learn to use this wiki...

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