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Collect immediate responses to questions using Clickers. Clickers are small keypad devices that allow faculty to collect immediate responses to questions and create charts and graphs. Students press buttons on the device like a TV remote to send their responses.


Degree assessment service.

Digital Measures

Hofstra's new online system for collection of faculty data.


Also known as an electronic portfolio or digital portfolio. It's a collection of electronic work such as text, electronic files or multimedia. ePortfolios are used to collect and evaluate student work.

Qualtrics Survey Software

Build surveys using an easy-to-understand web interface to gather important data from students, colleagues, and more.


Hofstra University's ePortfolio tool.



Blackboard can also be used for assessment purposes. The University gives its language and math placement exams in Blackboard, for instance. There is a new Grade Center in Blackboard which is a much stronger, more flexible tool than the old gradebook. You may wish to learn how to use Blackboard quizzes (which students can take before class, for instance, to gauge how well they're following the material or just to give you an idea of what to talk about.) (That page also covers Blackboard's surveying and polling tools.)

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